2nd Annual Masters of Contemporary Woodturning Exhibition
November 4-November 26, 2011

Vale Craft Gallery in Chicago is pleased to announce its second annual
Masters of Contemporary Woodturning invitational exhibition of
contemporary wood turned art on view from November 4th through
November 26th. Co-curated by Chicago-area woodturner Alan Carter,
the exhibit will showcase the work of twelve world-class woodturners
and rising luminaries. A free opening reception will take place at the
gallery on Friday, November 4th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, with several
of the artists in attendance.

The exhibition will feature sculptural works and vessels by North
American artists Malcolm Tibbetts, Molly Winton, Douglas J. Fisher,
Stephen Hatcher, Carole Floate, Art Liestman, Cindy Drozda, Andy
DiPietro, David Belser, Andi Wolfe, Geoffrey Ames, and Alan Carter.

Woodturning has experienced an explosion of creativity and technical
expertise over the past few decades. Advances in tool technology,
machinery, and the sheer innovative power of truly “thinking outside
the box” have made possible mind-boggling expressions of ingenuity
and art. The exhibition, “Masters of Contemporary Woodturning” will
focus on the sheer scope and stunning variety of work hewn from that
most plentiful of raw materials.






Participating Artists:

Stephen Hatcher, Art Liestman, Cindy Drozda, Douglas Fisher, Geoff Ames, Malcolm Tibbetts, Andy Dipietro,

David Belser, Carole Floate, Molly Winton, Alan Carter, and Andi Wolfe.

For additional information or images, please contact:
Vale Craft Gallery at 312-337-3525 or