Vale Craft Gallery celebrates spring with an exhibition For

the Birds featuring sculpture, paintings, collage, ceramics,

jewelry, and mixed media works by a dozen mostly Chicago

artists. The show includes depictions of birds, eggs, nests,

and birdhouses in styles ranging from whimsical to lyrical.

On view will be painted wood birds by Steve Rebora,

eggshell mosaic paintings by Jennifer Ross, paper collage

aviaries by Judy Petacque, bird paintings on wood by Joyce

Rebora, ceramic birdhouses by Mary Alexis Fox, clay and
encaustic sculptures by Linda LeMar, ceramic bird planters

by Peter Vale, rusted metal nests by Phil Lichtenhan, clay

bird heads by Charlie Van Gilder, burned wood engravings

by Amy Ventura, and ceramic birdbaths by Mike Arnold.

Jewelry by Bijou Graphique, Chickenscratch, and Lori

Presthus round out the avian theme.